Nomnomvega Book Limited Pre-Sale


We worked hard to get this far and now we need your help to crowdfund this book. We want to offer our friends and close followers an option to purchase the book at an discounted price. If we achieve to sell 500 copies in the next few days, we’ll go forward and make the book a reality. Therefore please take your time and also share this site with anyone who could be interested. You wouldn’t only help this project, but also help me to let me pursue my work, which finally will result in more content for you guys! Scroll down for more info about the book. Thanks – Nadya


Size: 31 x 24 cm
Design by Moby Digg

Nadya Vanessa Vega has been creating nude photography throughout her entire career and became known for it and her untamed lifestyle. Detached from the plain old fight of wanting to reinvent the genre, Vega is not really working with the camera: In her shoreless and intimate shoots she rather works directly with her eyes – and of course with her models. Her eyes are restlessly looking for forms in the gorges of bodies, for new poses and details which the girls present to her in an instinctive naturalness. Her eyes are searching but never judging. As a female nude photographer she is an exceptional appearance and stays absolutely living up to this term in her first book release.


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